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Victoria's 2021 collection was created for the brand Zero Waste Weddings of The Brides Project

Idols was featured in a live runway show for Fashion Art Toronto's Virtual Fashion Week 2021

The video is available here

Designer Victoria Zander     Director/Producer Vanja Vasic      Director of Production Liam Colbourne     Assistant Director Angel Gonzales Vilela     BTS Video/Drone OP Jack Hathaway     Film by Zenon Turczyn     Official Video Team Kyle Young     Director of Photography Jenn Jovans     BTS Photography Tash Damjanovich and Abbie Siu and Chris Cheung and Hana Stockinger     Runway Photography Jim Orgill     Lead Hair Direction Lisa Tuff     Lead MUA Direction Rachel Jones     Fashion and Media Coordinator Astrid Sedgvick     Drone OP Clint Mateer     Production Assistant Erin Case and Kaitlyn Riccio and Micaela Schaefer     Hair Assistant Angela Debono and Jenny Bell     Makeup Assistant Stephanie Stella and Jaclyn Foo     Models Laura Makaltses and Priti Panchal and Sydney Andrews-Finn and Ivneet Sira and Chantelle Blake and Jasmine Paguio and Anja Dokic and Cissy Shi and Kaysha Herman and Isabelle Brown

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